Relationships can be difficult. They can also be fulfilling, loving, and intimately satisfying. It’s a given that your relationship will experience some type of emotional injury.

I propose that how you respond to emotional injuries defines the strength of your relationship. All couples go through cycles of connection, injury, reconnection.


There are times when your relationship feels like your favorite love song. You feel in sync. Life is good. Your eyes connect when you talk. You find time to simply hang out. Affection is in abundance.

The relationship feels trusting, open, and loving.


 Injuries are inevitable. Harsh words will be said. Trust will be violated. And arguments will dictate the conversation.

Too often, couples sabotage the relationship by not treating the injury. They avoid it, or get into a cycle of blaming each other. As a result, the wound is left unattended. And open wounds gives rise to bitterness, resentment and disconnection.


Learning how to attend to, and patch up wounds is what separates positive loving relationships from the ones that lack closeness.

The couples who reconnect learn how to express emotions in a controlled way, offer comfort for anxiety, reassurance for fears, and are empathetic to the expressed needs of their partner.

Are you ready to connect again?

You might be hesitant to seek support for your relationship, but when you do, feel confident that you are taking a courageous first step towards getting it to a better place.

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Meet Redonno Carmon

I’m a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I help people who want to feel connected with their spouse, but are buried under arguments, silence, and mistrust. I guide them through the (sometimes difficult but always rewarding) process of understanding the reasons for their disconnection, so that they can reconnect and rebuild trust in each other.

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