3 Steps To Regain Confidence In Your Relationship

There are times in marriage when you feel separate rather than together, and more chaos than peace. Oftentimes in distressed marriages, couples tend to lose confidence that their partner cares. Does she still care about me? Does he care about us? When the relationship feels threatened — it can disrupt what you once considered strong. Feeling disconnected from the person...[ read more ]

Your Spouse Needs Your Attention Before Your Advice

One major characteristic of a healthy marriage is friendship. A friendship offers advice, apologizes when there is hurt, forgives, and commits to truthfulness. In a healthy marriage partners risk opening up about embarrassing moments, feeling let down, being overwhelmed with life, or admitting when they have fallen short. Life gets messy and unfair, and having your partner as a friend...[ read more ]

Expressing Anger Without Intentionally Being Hurtful

Anger is an emotion that we all experience. Some express it aggressively. Others brew silently, and often in isolation. Some passive-aggressively express it. Understanding what’s behind the anger will help. It has an overwhelming presence that can sit over your relationship like a storm cloud. You both see the dark clouds. Nothing is happening, but you know the shouting match,...[ read more ]

How To Complain So That Your Partner Listens

You can, probably, close your eyes, and find a flaw with your partner. Several? Something he or she said or did. You can talk about it to a tee. You could, if you were nudged a little, bring out the mental record book you secretly keep. In a struggling relationship, you may refer to that book often. Complaints are your...[ read more ]

You Will Argue In Your Relationship: Recovering Is What’s Important

If your relationship is like many others — you and your partner tend to avoid each other after an argument. After the yelling, and harsh words, most couples are glad it’s over. They would rather move on, and hope it doesn’t happen again. “I’m sorry” may pop up a few hours (or days) later to get things back on track....[ read more ]

What To Expect After An Affair If You’re The Unfaithful

It’s out in the open — your spouse knows about the affair. Your life has fallen into disarray, highlighted by the intense emotions your partner is experiencing. You don’t know what to do, or where to start, as reality is starting to set in. You might ask: “Am I allowed to be emotional since I’m the one who cheated?” While...[ read more ]

What To Expect After Discovering Your Spouse Had An Affair

Discovering your spouse had an affair comes with an avalanche of emotions. Feeling  lost, abandoned, angry, or disillusioned is normal. The world you know now may feel wildly different than the one you knew before the discovery. I often hear: “I feel like I’m going crazy.” Expecting well balanced emotions, during this time, is expecting too much. You may feel...[ read more ]

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